Help with HOTAS setup

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Help with HOTAS setup

Post by Mosquito » Sun Oct 06, 2019 2:46 pm

Hi guys

Signed up about a week ago with the 440th VFW but work got in the way of me getting back into BMS after a few years.

Finally got my hardware setup in Windows (Warthog joystick, Cougar joystick with TUSBA converter, and TM rudder pedals). I think I have everything set-up in game but as soon as I launch a basic landing training mission, nothing works.

Not sure if I have missed a step or don't have a HOTAS profile loaded up. Would really appreciate any help with this as I do want to get into my training missions asap.

Cheers, Mosquito

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Re: Help with HOTAS setup

Post by Derk » Sun Oct 06, 2019 4:19 pm

Hi Mosquito. Thanks for stopping my. I'm better at giving a 'welcome' than tech support, but others here can be helpful if you can expand on your issue with more detail of what you mean by 'nothing works'. Is this 'nothin' on the HOTAS specifically, or even with keyboard commands. If it's just the HOTAS your referring to, did you set it up like it says in the BMS-Manual.pdf on page 4-39 and 4-40? Do the axes test OK? If you press a mapped HOTAS button, does it show INPUT of the command under the list of CURRENT KEYFILE?

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