Falcon BMS TvT Event Info

Wing flight planning and after action reports. Planning for other community flights too.
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Falcon BMS TvT Event Info

Post by Wheelchock » Sun Feb 28, 2021 4:42 pm

The 440th is registered to fly under the 910th Squadron out of Sachon. There are no alternate bases to fly out of.

If you haven't registered on Falcon Lounge Discord please do so as soon as possible.
See this forum post for registration details https://www.benchmarksims.org/forum/sho ... post566760

TvT rules "as posted on BMS and FL discord"
- BMS 4.35 update 1 mandatory

- Two teams at war
- YELFOR team need to capture Chuncheon city to win the war
- GREFOR team need to capture Hoeyang city to win the war
- It is NOT a 'bad guys' vs 'good guys' scenario : the two teams (YELFOR vs GREFOR) are equal in term of balance of air/ground power

- Both teams use the same aircrafts (A-10A, F-16CM-50 , F/A-18C, F-CK-1C, Mirage 2000-9, AV-8B+) dedicated only for human player
- Both teams use IA aircrafts (Awacs, Elint, Tanker, Airlift, ECM) dedicated only for IA but can be fragged by human player
- Both teams have minimum Barcap coverage (provided by IA fighters that can't be flew by human player)
- Both teams need to frag manually their flights and the flights must basically always be "Full of Human Players" (it is forbidden to fly with IA wingman/wingmen AND it forbidden to frag any IA flight from all the dedicated human squadrons)
- Both teams have SAM coverage (balanced) : Russian material type for YELFOR vs Nato material type for GREFOR
- Both teams have ground units (balanced) : Russian material type for YELFOR vs Nato material type for GREFOR
- Both teams are now able to control all the ground units (only the team commander is allowed to control the ground units)

- Only two main Airbases available per team : no alternate field allowed -> it is mandatory to land at your home plate from where you take off (fuel management challenge)
- Air Refuel available
- Carrier ops available (F/A-18C only for Human Players)
- Restricted fly zone (blue zone on the map) prohibited

- IVC mandatory while in 3D
- ATC procedures mandatory
- In case of ATC problem, or unable to use ATC, revert to auto information (Stay on relevant frequency and state intention)

- IFF plan need to be sorted out on a team basis (see relevant forum)

- It is prohibited to strike Kimhae Airbase or Manp'o Airbase (dedicated for IA to maintain minimum Barcap coverage)
There is the Possibility of having human GCI for both sides. I'll assume they'll be using the F4RADAR app if any. If interested in GCI then let someone know in FL discord #general-grefor channel.
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