FNPU - Iron Fortress - 11 Sept

Wing flight planning and after action reports. Planning for other community flights too.
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FNPU - Iron Fortress - 11 Sept

Post by Derk » Thu Sep 10, 2020 1:07 am

Iron Fortress - SEAD / DEAD

Iron Fortress - Day 2 1315 Hrs.
Gamblers are tasked with a SEAD/DEAD flight to strike SA-2 and SA-3 sites on the east coast near Kangnung. This strike is needed to prepare for a blue force amphibious attack.

Panther 7 SEAD: Tasks with package escort and HARM strikes on Fan Song and Low Blow.
Cobra 7 DEAD: Task with Maverick strike on SAM launchers and support vehicles within the AD area.

Weather: Nice!
Threat: Not Nice!
MiG-19's active out of Sokcho 30 nm north of strike area
MiG-29's active out of Sondock - 80 nm north of strike area. Intel reports 29's currently CAP'ing east coast.
Package may need to clear red air before strike.
Maverick strike will be made in over the water to AD units on the coast if able.
Loadouts Fixed - routes and fueling as directed by flight leads.
.INI at mission briefing time.
ATO: app.php/ato/mission/662
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