Israel--Red Line : Day 2 Sortie 8 Pkg 781

Wing flight planning and after action reports. Planning for other community flights too.
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Israel--Red Line : Day 2 Sortie 8 Pkg 781

Post by Blitz » Sat May 09, 2020 5:09 am

Since it is Mom's day AND since we have a D model, Mom's are invited to hang out in the backseat while their boys go for a little Air Interdiction ride!! The IDF has tasked the Gamblers with reducing the number of enemy Tank and Mech battalions in 2 key areas while we continue to ramp up the war effort in a push for Beirut and Damascus (Those 2 objectives need to be captured in order for our campaign to be a success)

A TARCAP flight will provide air protection should the need arise and like any good Mothers Day, the weather has cleared up for a beautiful backseat flight!

No IFF Mode 4
Comms window--click tac engagement to see more clearly
Might say "uninitialized" instead of Blitz's game
Observe takeoff a/c--ATIS could give incorrect runway
We are now using update BMS 4.34.4

ini provided in wing briefing room
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