Coordinated CAS v2

Wing flight planning and after action reports. Planning for other community flights too.
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Coordinated CAS v2

Post by Zeus » Sat Mar 07, 2020 10:49 pm

Okay, let's try this again. Very similar to the Friday version but with some extra buffer distance between CAP and CAS and more clearly defined areas of responsibility. Mission still has seats for up to 4 CAS pilots, 8 CAP pilots and a FAC(A) and we'll try to keep a 2:1 ratio of CAP to CAS pilots. The high-level mission plan is as follows:

Blue forces are pushing north to capture Sep'o however there is believed to be several pockets of Red resistance comprised mostly of T-55 and T-62 tanks. Intel reports possible missile battalion near Sep'o as well that pose a threat to either our advancing forces or cities further south. It is Command's intent to weaken enemy resistance to expedite the capture of Sep'o and eliminate the missile threat.
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While the strike area is clear of high altitude SAM threats, stay alert for SHORAD battalions and MANPADS. Red air threats consist of MiG-23, -29S and Su-27 aircraft stationed at bases to the west, northwest and north of the target area. Weather is expected to be good with greater than 10nm visibility.

Package Info
Falcon1 - CAS
Gamble2 - TARCAP
Hawkeye3 - TARCAP
Plasma4 - FAC(A)
Warhawk5 - CAS

Supporting Assets
Chalice1 - AWACS
Texaco1 - Tanker

Flight Plan Details
Falcon1, Hawkeye3 and Warhawk4 depart from Kunsan while Gamble2 and Plasma4 depart Choongwon. All flights recover at Kunsan with Osan as their alternate. Goal is to provide CAS over the target area for 1 hour (0545 - 0645) with CAP providing cover the entire time. Time over target will be determined by CAP; once CAP is unable to maintain a minimum of 2-ship coverage over the target the mission is over and a flight are to RTB.

CAP flights will proceed via their STPTs to the target area and secure the airspace. Gamble2 should reach their station first (0540) approximately 8 minutes ahead of Hawkeye3. Gamble2 should coordinate protection handoff to Hawkeye3 as soon as practical and immediately head to the tanker for refueling. Once Gamble2 is refueled and back on station Hawkeye3 will coordinate protection handoff as soon as practical and then immediate proceed to the tanker for refueling. This handoff process should repeat until max station time can be achieved and flights can RTB.

CAS flights will proceed to the holding point (HP1) located SE of target area and contact FAC(A) on 292.450 [5] for instructions. Depending on pilot CAS level, FAC(A) can provide full 9-line capabilities or simple target coordinates with attack instructions. CAS flights should expect to return to the holding area after each run unless instructed otherwise.

FAC(A) will proceed to hold point and await Gamble2's "all clear" call before entering the target area. Once on station, Plasma4 will switch to UHF 292.450 [5] and monitor the intra-flight freq for the on-station CAP flight (Gamble2 or Hawkeye3). This will be done so that the FAC(A) can quickly be advised of potential incoming threats and any need to relocate while communicating with CAS flights on UHF [5]. FAC(A) will be responsible for relaying any defensive commands to CAS flights under his control at the time.
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