Red Flag 2020 - Flight 1

Wing flight planning and after action reports. Planning for other community flights too.
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Red Flag 2020 - Flight 1

Post by Zeus » Tue Feb 25, 2020 2:45 am

It's here! Red Flag 2020 begins this Sunday @ 1900Z.
This year's event will be different in several key aspects.

First, team selection will be done at flight time and will be random based on the pilots that show up. Each team will consist of at least 3 pilots. So if we have 6-8 pilots show that's two teams, 9-12 pilots will be divided into 3 teams, 13-16 will make 4 teams, etc.

Second, there is no practice time. Each team will be given the mission files at flight time and host their own flight (need to ensure that each team has someone that can host up to 4 pilots). Once all flights are complete we will report back with our results.

And lastly, this year's event includes some A-A action which brings us to our event for this weekend...

Red Flag Event 1 - BARCAP w/ timed AAR
Attached to this post you will find the briefing material for the event and specifically for this mission. Please review it and be prepared to fly as quickly as possible. The mission is not complex; a simple two-stage BARCAP with a refueling run in the middle. Pay special attention to how the AAR will be timed (it's different than how we do it in IQT). All pilots should be prepared to assist with timing their fellow pilots.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in the briefing room!
Red Flag Event
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