Operation: Supply Chain

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Operation: Supply Chain

Post by Zeus » Mon Apr 18, 2022 11:50 pm

Operation: Supply Chain
This was designed as a quick mission with the following objectives in mind:
  1. Execute a time-coordinated attack on multiple targets
  2. Utilize low-level delivery to avoid SAM threats
  3. Use an airbase we hardly ever see - Iwakuni
  4. Escape quickly, defend egress as needed without getting drawn into extended battle.
The mission story line has CIS forces controlling the southeast corner of the Korean peninsula, similar to the Bear Trap campaign. Our mission is to disrupt the CIS supply chain by destroying Oil and Petrochemical storage and refining. To do this, we will not only need to sneak in under the coverage of multiple SAM sites (SA-5s, SA-2 and SA-4), we will also need to prevent fighter aircraft from taking off to engage us.
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The strike package consists of 3 flights (minimum of two flights required and must be populated no less than 6 pilots); two flight will attack from the south and one from the north.

Hammer6 will begin their attack from the north first taking out the runway at Pohang airbase. They will they proceed south to the Ulsan area where one pilot will attempt to take out the SA-5 just north of the city while the others strike the Dahaitsu Shipyard. Primary targets there include storage tanks and warehouses.

Thunder2 will come from the south first striking the two runways at Kimhae airport before heading to Ulsan where they will strike the Ulsan Petrochemical complex. Primary targets are again the storage tanks followed by structures if able.

it is imperative that all three runways (two at Kimhae and one at Pohang) be taken out of service. These bases are home to MiG-29S and Su-30 squadrons that at capable of destroying us without much trouble. Our best bet is to keep them on the ground.

Rumble4 completes the package as an optional flight if we have enough pilots. Their job is to first take out the SA-2 battalion located east of Pusan that also provides coverage for the Ulsan area. They will then proceed to the Ulsan area where they will destroy the Korea Oil company site once again targeting storage tanks.

If the Ulsan SA-5 battalion is neutralized by Hammer6, pop-up attacks can safely be executed in the Ulsan area.

All flights will then egress quickly to the east between the friendly BARCAP patrols to recover back at Iwakuni where weather is expected to be poor with low clouds and low visibility.
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