Operation Domino

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Operation Domino

Post by Bull » Mon Mar 14, 2022 5:17 am

Game Plan:
At 07:30 Z (16:30 LT), Operation Domino will commence with a three ship package from the 2075th FG. The package is to Desrupt the North Korean Reserve elements stationed at Iwon Airbase. By Destroying as many units as possable.

At 07:54 Z Jaguar 3 will leave Sokcho AFB and conduct SEAD over target area. The SA-2 and SA-3 is the primary target. The SA-9s are secondary if ABLE. The Navy would really appreciated it.

SA-2, SA-3, SA-14, and AAA at the target area
SA-9's along the coast and additional marked SAM defenses inland NW.

-2075th - Sokcho AFB

Mission Package 1974
Jaguar 3 - 4x F-16CM-50's tasked with SEAD
Primary target = SA-2 and SA-3
Secondary targets = SA-9s

Warhauk 2 - 4x F-16CM-50's tasked with package escort and CAP in the strike area

Cajun 4 - 4x F-16CM-50's tasked with AI distruction of as many NK units as possable to prevent them from going West.
Primary target = Everything
Secondary targets = Everything

Package is cleared to engage any hostile DPRK air threats
The first Navel F- 18s will strike the beach at 08:30

AWACS: Sentry 6
AAR: Copper 1 - UHF 252.225 (Sta time 07:30 - 09:40)

- INI file will be in the Wing Flight Briefing Room (Operation Domino.ini)

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Re: Operation Domino

Post by Buttons » Sat Mar 19, 2022 3:40 pm

Operation Domino:
Debriefing: Warhawk 2 - BARCAP - 2-ship

This was a fantastic mission with successful outcomes and many glowing reviews on the missions fun factor. Bull is developing into one of the wings great mission makers.

Warhawk 2 took off out of Sokcho with a standard climb out and routed in to the package AO. When we got on station AWACS reported two flights split, a pair of Flankers hilariously enough of the "flank" of the ingress route, and a solo IL-78 tanker orbiting feet dry near the air defense.
Engagement 1.png
Engagement 1.png (338.89 KiB) Viewed 721 times
Warhawk-2 engaged the Flankers, with 22 mile MAR shots to drive them back away from Jaguar-3 and got one kill on the initial shot, and Rotor cleaned up the last guy clearing the air space except for the IL-78. After the engagement we settled in to a pretty nice grinder and let Jaguar-3 and Cajun-4 do their work in the AO. We only had 12 missiles total so using any of them on the IL-78 was a luxury we couldn't afford, but he eventually drifted into our grinder and solved that little problem. Rotor was quite happy and not at all jealous that the tanker rolled out in front of me at a 3 miles in the grinder setting us me up for a guns kill that even I couldn't miss on and setting me up with a new unofficial moniker....Captain Thief.
Engagement 2.png
Engagement 2.png (147.62 KiB) Viewed 721 times
Jaguar-3 finished their air to ground work, and set up a parallel CAP grinder south along the egress route. While they were transiting another pair of Flankers took off and Rotor spotted them almost as soon as their gear came up. He got good nice shots to turn them cold, and they escaped the shot and put them along our exit vector back to base. As it turned out these guys were the cream of the crop and definitely were out for blood.
Engagement 3.png
Engagement 3.png (404.15 KiB) Viewed 721 times
Warhawk-2 Reengaged from a NE bearing as the Flankers again evaded the Fox-3 long shots to the south. The effect was to driving them into the missile envelop of Jaguar-3. With Warhawk-2 to the north, Cajun-4 to the North-East, and Jaguar-3 to the East creating a nearly continuous 90 degree arc of Falcons the Flankers once more turned east in what would generously be called...."a bad decision" they rolled the dice again and this time Jaguar-3 made the shot stick. Shots from Warhawk-2 from the north, and Jaguar-3 from the east, the 4th and 5th Aim-120 shots so far on these two hemmed the flankers in and Jaguar-3 claimed the honor of actually having a AMRAAM actually touch metal.
Engagement 4.png
Engagement 4.png (290.63 KiB) Viewed 721 times
Reduced to a single Flanker and once more turning East this time edging a bit too close to a bent bird F-16 from Cajun-4, Jaguar 3 swooped in to drive them back. At 17 miles and from the shooting from the flank the sixth AIM-120 shot at this flight should have been a killer. Unfortunately Jaguar 3-1 was flown by Derk, and Derk's meme-worthy AMRAAM luck defies all known natural laws. The effect of the shot was three fold, Mr. Flanker was pushed out of weapons range of Cajun-4, Raytheon's stock price increased by 1 dollar a share and Mr. Flanker once more evaded to the west and then south continuing to stay on the flank of our egress route, a perpetual thorn in our side.
Engagement 5.png
Engagement 5.png (126.86 KiB) Viewed 721 times
With fuel becoming critical, and the Patriot batteries around Sokcho getting closer and closer, Jaguar-3 bowed out to head into Point Magpie to land on a Rwy 27 into Sokcho. Warhawk-2 continued to drive Mr. Flanker south into the waiting arms of the Patriots.....which didn't fire. We did bait Mr. Flanker into coming hot by putting on the gimble, and watching him on the SNIPER pod for him to turn. We got shots seven and eight off , essentially trading those shots for space to offset east and time for Jaguar-3 to land.
Eventually the Patriots lit off, I guess they just needed to finish their afternoon tea or something. Mr. Flanker made no defensive moves on the shot which is an interesting datum to consider.
Engagement 6.png
Engagement 6.png (396.38 KiB) Viewed 721 times
The below is a approximation from TacView of the engagements on the last two ship of Flankers. The first four engagements shows pretty much what the TacView showed, a group of flankers which got around the edge of the BARCAP and impinged upon the exit route. The angles of engagement show it clear as day, increasing southerly attack vectors by Warhawk over time. In my opinion that's not an insurmountable problem, but isn't definitely not what we're hoping to have to deal with on the way home. Ideally that position would be held and a constant vector of attack/defense would established, in this case a E/W or even better would be a SE/NW engagement orientation.

That being said we can also see a pretty decisive change in the trend of engagement with the two east/west attacks by Jaguar which retrieved the situation. The importance of the two attacks resulting in a kill on the first engagement, and a large westward push which allowed Warhawk to change the pursuit vector from a pure N/S to a NE/SW which created the space needed for everyone to disengage.
Capture.JPG (91 KiB) Viewed 721 times
It's always a team effort and while this is very BarCap centric review it's important to remember the Strike is the main focus, everything else is just supporting that effort.

The big takeaways for me were the following:
Bull is a deviously cleaver mission maker. When you see a mission that he made on the ATO you are going to be in for a wild ride and what you see isn't necessarily what you're going to get. Success is going to be a factor of how disciplined your decision making is, and how tenacious you are deep into the flight when Bull will throw a 88 mile a hour screw ball at you.
That 2-ship on the edge was intentional and it almost got the job done, had it cut us off from base, with bent-birds and a low fuel situation, we could have lost more than just one airframe. Green vectoring a package early is preferable to being in a last stand situation where you need to blow a hole through a enemy CAP who's impinged on your egress route. As we saw here killing enemy CAP is not a guarantee.
Spending weapons for value not just kills: A fair analysis of this flight would conclude that most of the shots taken were shots to control a position, or shots to get a better angle, or shots to create space. The kill would have been nice, and you always hope but the value is in the postion you achieve even if the only thing your AMRAAM touches is dirt. Warhawk went something close to 3/10 , Derk is close to something like 0 for 122 but there is great value to be had in the big goose egg.
SAM Coverage Is Not a CAP Flight-Sometimes they fire, sometimes they don't, or sometimes they fire after you really needed them to. While I appreciate that the Patriot did light up the Flanker I was really hoping for a Max-Range shot from the batteries to free us up to break off the engagement. They lit up but it was after we had decided to break off the engagement and run into the pattern at 350-380kts and I was still getting RWR warnings at 8 miles from the base, that pretty unhelpful for a smooth run into landing.
Sometimes you need a little help from your friends-Everyone wants to be John Wayne, but sometimes your the dude in Alamo. I can't tell you how it would have ended without Jaguar-3 there, maybe Cajun-4 takes a close range AMRAAM shot and bags Mr. Flanker and we go home for nachos and beer. Maybe Mr. Flanker does the same to Cajun and its vodka and borsht. It's kind of a 50-50 coin flip with the higher end Migs but fortunately we didn't need to find out, that southern CAP line stuck its nose into the meat-grinder and held that position giving us the time and angles we needed to push that flanker away from the package.
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Re: Operation Domino

Post by STAC » Tue Mar 22, 2022 1:20 pm

Awesome debrief Buttons, and love the commentary lol

Nice job Bull, wish I could of made it! Seems like it was one hell of a flight.


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