Spy's Escape

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Spy's Escape

Post by Bull » Sun Jan 02, 2022 5:20 am

OPERATION: Spy's Escape

Time:07:30 Z (16:30 LT)
Weather: Sunny at departure and target area, changing to Fair.

A Plot to secretly infatrate the Hyeon-re Juction. A small South Korean comunity. Has been descovered. In order to setup a Spy and Blackmarket Ring by the 1970th Expenditioinary an Reconnaissance Force Led by a General Soylaman Maysong A self proclaimed warloard. Has been silently moveing His forces south to a IP around the Hyeon-ru Junction area. Though small infatrations are common General Maysong has moving in a sizable force, hoping to hold the area if found out. At least long enough to allow his network of spys and propergandist to get established and dissaper into South Korea. The 1970th Expecitionary an Reconnaissance Force is thought to comprised of the 1980 Meck Battalion the 1976 Motor Battalion. And supported by the 1978 Rocket Battalion, and the 1974th Missile Battalion. No N Korean Air sopport is expected. Since General Maysong does not have the official backing of the North Korean Government. The main promblem is the speed in which these units can move and hide. Giving them the ability to disappear especially if they splitup. We have the advantage of suprize. As General Maysong is unaware that he's been discoverd.

Game Plan:
At 07:30 Z (16:30 LT), Opereration Spy's Escape is to start in order to DESTROY as many N Korean units and stop from escaping into South Korea. No Military action is allowed inside the DMZ. At 08:00z (15:00 LT) Cyborg 5, and will depart from Kunsan AFB and S/D the area of Hyeon-re Junction

No Air Threats. expected Possable Man Pads and M-1992 AAA units

- 1984th - Kunsan AB

Mission Package 1974
Cyborg 5 - 4x F-16CM-50's tasked with A/I
2* AIM 120C
6* AGM 65G
2* CBU 97/B
1* AN/ASQ 213 HITS
1* TANK 300 GAL
Falcon 5 - 4x F-16CM-50's tasked with A/I
Same loadout as Cyborg.

Package is cleared to engage any hostile DPRK ground threats
with in S Korean teritory. :Not alowed to persue into DMZ:
Loadout is not Fixed

AWACS: Dragnet 6- UHF 341.625 (Sta time 06:58 - 12:12)
AAR: Texaco 2 - UHF 251.075 (Sta time 06:58 - 12:14)

- INI file will be in the Wing Flight Briefing Room (Spy's Escape.ini)

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Re: Spy's Escape

Post by Bull » Mon Jan 03, 2022 4:08 am

Excellent job to all that came out. Flight was a complete success. The. 1970th Expenditionary and Reconnaissance Force was destroyed and will never be able to be an effective fighting force again. All of the remaining elements were captured by ROC Forces. And with a confirmed BDA from Zeus on the command vehicle it has been confirmed to have been General Maysong's. Though no body has been recovered. The hope is that this General has infact been eliminated.

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Re: Spy's Escape

Post by STAC » Mon Jan 03, 2022 4:02 pm

Great flight Bull!
Thanks for putting it together.


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Re: Spy's Escape

Post by Zeus » Tue Jan 04, 2022 12:10 am

Debrief - Cyborg5

Great flight and excellent performance by all pilots on the mission. Cyborg5 was first to depart and first in the box while Falcon5 stopped at the tanker to create a nice sequencing gap. Cyborg5 quickly located the targets and began making attack runs - it didn't take long to see nice black clouds of smoke billowing up in the sky.
2022-01-02_194024.jpg (479.83 KiB) Viewed 178 times
We had managed to release about half our weapons when Falcon checked in so we cleared the airspace and headed to the tanker. The guys were quick on the boom and topped off in no time at all.
2021-12-30_170749.jpg (175.41 KiB) Viewed 178 times
As we left Texaco2 and checked back in we found Falcon5 ready to leave the area having dropped about half of their ordinance as well. While they headed off for their second refueling, we went back to work finishing off a tank battalion and then with one weapon remaining we found the General's command vehicle. While Cyborg51 watched from a high vantage point, Cyborg53 dropped his last GBU-12 on to the now fleeing General...now you see it...
2022-01-02_204150.jpg (407.25 KiB) Viewed 178 times
...And now you don't! Nice work guys. About then Falcon5 checked back in to we headed upstairs to provide a CAP while they dropped the remainder of their weapons before heading home.
2022-01-02_204213.jpg (386.61 KiB) Viewed 178 times
Everyone returned to Kunsan for a brilliant sunset and a cold one in the officer's club!
2022-01-02_211635.jpg (290.18 KiB) Viewed 178 times
Nice mission - thanks Bull!
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