New Falcon BMS Wing - The 440th VFW

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New Falcon BMS Wing - The 440th VFW

Post by Zeus » Sun Apr 08, 2018 2:43 am

Announcing the formation of a new Virtual Fighter Wing for BMS pilots - the 440th VFW!

The 440th VFW is a group of like minded individuals that enjoy flying the Falcon BMS simulator and sharing our passion of the F-16 and online flying with others. We offer training programs for novice and experienced virtual pilots as well as coordinated events focused on cooperative execution of (mostly) realistic tactics. We continually strive to make ourselves better BMS pilots while enjoying the company of others that share our passion.

The wing was founded by former 1st VFW members when that wing decided to make the switch to DCS. Our mission is to carry on the tradition of realistic, but not too serious, flying using real world tactics adapted for BMS vPilots. The pilots of the 440th VFW share a passion for the F-16 and BMS and are looking to share it with others.

The 440th VFW has a seasoned training program to ensure the quality of our pilots and provide the optimum experience for online flights. While we don't pretend to know everything about BMS, we think you'll find that our IQT program is one of the best. And we encourage our wing members to provide feedback.

If you're ready to join us be sure to register online and check out the recruiting page for more information.

If you are looking for a great DCS-based wing with a focus on the F/A-18 and real world tactics, we highly recommend the team at the 1st VFW.
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