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June 2018 News

Post by Derk » Sat Jun 23, 2018 1:10 am

At just over two months old, the 440th VFW Wing has been quite active and showing some very nice enhancements in many areas. This is due to the hard work of the admins and members alike who have offered support as well as taken the time and effort to put together missions or host flights. We are thankful for this support and look for continued activity in order to grow our sim community. Already in the past month we have had the addition of five new members enrolling in the IQT program, and there is steady growth in overall registered members who we hope will come out and join us soon.

Wing promotion continues to be a high priority, and one effort towards this is the Podcast posted to the 440th VFW YouTube channel. Please see the Public News forums section for more details. These Podcast start out with a general topic, but seem to lead to an endless flow of BMS talk. There has been good response from these posts, including finding some of our newest members, so we hope to continue this activity.

Our training program is in full swing and we are proud to announce our first cadet graduate from IQT at the beginning of the month. Currently there are 4 other cadets in various stages of IQT, and recruiting is still open. The training manual, IQT TE files, and supporting materials were already in very good shape, but we are continuing to review and refine those in some areas. Our IQT program will continue as it has with a 6-flight course. Please watch the ATO for these flights, and if they are fragged as 4-ship, this is an open invitation for you to join along.

The Combat Readiness Check-ride program has been announced, so if you have not seen it, please read about it in the Announcements section of the forums. This check-ride is a requirement for all former 1st VFW transfer members, and due by July 31st. This flight is well put together and organized and not meant to exclude anyone from the Wing or missions but will provide a good opportunity to ensure all members are aware and understand all of the 440th Wing SOP’s, and to practice up some rusty skills.

The current ATO and Flight Log in place are still in Beta mode but are quite stable and working very well. There is still active work on enhancing the entry and display pages, along with reporting capabilities to provide historical information and statistics for each pilot, various flight types, and even mission levels. Note that these pages do work better with Chrome or Edge browsers. Also, the Flight Log default display date is tied to the UTC date. So please verify your entering the actual flight date during your log entry.

There are some edits to the SOP’s going through final approval now. Once these are finalized and posted, an announcement will be made. These changes have to do with EOR parking positions and Ramp names at Kunsan, as well as some check-in and communications additions. We have not made a firm decision on Kunsan as a home base for the 440th, but until a move is decided, we opted to rename some of the ramp parking areas to better fit our Wing. Please watch for this announcement.

There has been excellent support from many towards our Wing art designs which are very much appreciated. Please see the ART forums post in the Pilots Lounge for the latest Wing and Squadron patches. The “Redtail” tail art for the 176th Thunder Hawks is finalized and looking very nice on our IQT flights. It’s a bold color on the vertical tail, but very helpful for the IP’s to easily identify their cadet when in a mix of others. The 222nd Gamblers final versions of the patches look very nice, and we hope to see some matching tail art work soon.

Again, thanks for all the member support getting the Wing up and running, and continued effort to keep it going and growing. We will continue to look for ideas to promote and expand our community and hope for nice full flights in the future.

440th VFW Admin

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