72nd 10-20 LFE Harratz News Release 13102018 530PM

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72nd 10-20 LFE Harratz News Release 13102018 530PM

Post by Duke » Sat Oct 13, 2018 1:36 pm

Doctors Without Boarders to Suspend Meeting

Harratz News 13 October 2018 5 PM

This morning it was announced that the scheduled convention for Doctors Without Boarders will be suspended. The group is planning a mass trip into the city of Sur which has been struck yesterday by Syrian bombers carrying Saran munitions.

Dr Henry Lockum, the sitting Chairman of DWB stated “We cannot sit by while such wanton destruction and misery are being conducted next door. We will arrange for overland transport and leave as soon as logistically practical in order to provide aid to those suffering from the effects of the bombing regardless of boarders crossed or consequences.”

Saran Gas Confirmed in Bombing of Sur

Harratz News 13 October 530 PM

Harratz News has been in contact with aid workers from the city of Sur which confirm the use of Saran gas in the latest attacks. The aid workers are calling for additional medical supplies and oxygen deliveries as hospitals have been struck by earlier bombings which have decreased the availability of medical supplies.

Sur is the most recent city hit with Saran gas delivered by Syrian aircraft.

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Re: 72nd 10-20 LFE Harratz News Release 13102018 530PM

Post by Zeus » Sat Oct 13, 2018 6:23 pm

This can't go on...someone has to do something!
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