Profile Flair Legend

Flight Activity

Member of 222nd

Given to pilots that have completed IQT or the Combat Readiness Check Ride

100 Hours

100 Flight Hours Logged

222 Hours

222 Flight Hours Logged

100 Combat Missions

100 Combat Missions

440 Hours

440 Flight Hours Logged

1,000 Hours

1,000 Flight Hours Logged


CT - Low Level Lofting

Awarded to Wing Members who have successfully completed the Low Level Lofting Continuation Training course. This course requires a 4 out of 6 hits on targets with Mk-82 LDGP bombs from a lofting profile. See the CT post in the Training forums.

Close Air Support

Successful completion of CAS Advanced Flight Training

Air Refueling

Successful completion of AAR Certification Training

Tactical Formations

Successful completion of TAC Form Certification Training

Instrument Rating

Succesful completion of the IMC Certification Training

Low Level Strike

Pilot has completed the Low Level Lofting and Low Level Strike training courses, and proven competency in the Low Level Certification flight.

Mission Participation

The Grand Tour

Participation patch for The Grand Tour flight - a non-combat performance challenge of touch-and-go landings in all of the airbases in a KTO region. This flight build skill in aircraft handing while heavy and light, fuel economy, navigation, and teamwork.

Northern Tour

Grand Tour - 5th Year Anniversary

Awarded to participants in the 5th Year Anniversary Grand Tour flight.